Tricia Morrissey, CPM, LM - Milwaukee Community Midwives

For me, childbirth has always been about the woman’s right to choose and maintain full autonomy throughout pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. As a midwife, I can never control the course of a labor or birth but I can control the level of respect, care and support the woman and family receives during the course of their care. Whether this is your first pregnancy or you’ve given birth before, I strive to honor each pregnancy and birth as a truly unique experience.

I attended my first birth in 2009 as a volunteer doula while living in the City of Chicago and also worked as a childbirth educator during this time. I’m a graduate of the Midwifery program at Midwest Maternal Child Institute which I started in 2011. During the course of my schooling I apprenticed at a high-volume birth-center/homebirth practice in Appleton, WI with 3 experienced licensed midwives. Since moving to Milwaukee, I’ve had the opportunity and honor of working with many of the local midwives within the Well Rounded Community.

Outside of midwifery, I enjoying living in Milwaukee and exploring surrounding areas with my husband and young daughter, who was born at home in 2016.

Telephone number: 414-376-8035 Email: [email protected]