Deb Studey, CPM, LM - Conscious Beginnings, LLC

“Access to safe and quality prenatal, delivery, and postpartum care is a human right. I am committed to ensuring that this right is actualized for all.”

I became a midwife over 30 years ago, when I realized that medicalized institutional care and experiences were not what I wanted for myself or my children. I began my training in 1985 with direct entry midwives after one birth center and two home deliveries of my own. In 1993, I became a Certified Professional Midwife. For over a decade, I actively participated in advocating for CPM licensure, drafting of our rules of practice, and was an evaluator for the North American Registry of Midwives. In 2007, I was the fifth midwife to receive a license and have been committed to advancing cultural humility as a standard as a preceptor for new midwives. To date, I have attended over 1500 births and am serving the second generation of home birth families. I have had the privilege of working with many midwives, obstetricians, certified nurse midwives and family practice doctors, including the organization Midwives for Haiti. I am now an independent provider with Choice Matters Midwife Collective and look forward to serving new and returning families in Milwaukee and surrounding counties. 

Telephone number: 262-993-0674 Email: [email protected]

What my clients are saying

“All women should have the opportunity to experience the nurturing, evidence-based care of a midwife. My third baby’s birth has forever transformed me because of Debra and Erin. Their attentiveness, patience, and trust in my body and birth enabled me to safely birth my baby in water at home. They are passionate about women, reproductive rights, and choice. There is an ancient feminine wisdom present in midwifery with which all women can connect. This is a movement. I’m grateful to be a part of it.”

Client of Deb Studey and Erin O'Day 

“Deb Studey was my midwife for my second birth, a home vaginal birth after cesarean (H-VBAC). Working with Deb was a true gift, really beyond words. I will always feel connected to Deb like family, and look to her both as a sister and a wise elder. We are so blessed to have Deb supporting birthing women and families in our community. She has an incredibly graceful and down to earth way of meeting you where you are at in your pregnancy journey and in life. She is both tender and fierce in her care, like a mama bear looking out for you. She is always on the side of trusting you and trusting birth. And her wealth of evidence-based and intuitive knowledge & experience makes the journey feel safe, sacred, well supported and informed. Working with Deb was a blessing for our whole family.”

Client of Deb Studey